Kenny Malone

A lot of the percussion you hear on these upcoming tracks from Emily Clement and Ian Craft is provided legendary drummer and percussionist Kenny Malone.  Kenny has been on countless recordings that many people have come to know and love…

Memphis Record Pressing

Mastermind Recordings is pleased to be working with Memphis Record Pressing.  They are an amazing vinyl manufacturer with a great staff.  Visit for all your vinyl needs.



Record Release 12.8.2017

Mastermind Recordings will hold a record release and label party at Grimey's record shop in Nashville, Tennessee on December 8th, 2017.  This will be a night of music and celebration with live performances from Mastermind artists Emily Clement and Ian…

Dying To Know ---OUT 12.8.2017

Emily Clement's first EP released with Mastermind Recordings is currently in production.  This EP will be pressed in 12" vinyl and also available for download.  The release will take place at Grimey's Record Shop in Nashville, Tennessee on Friday…