Emily Clement

 Emily Clement was born in the late summer of 1997 in Nashville, Tennessee. Very early on, her sound

developed into a rich southern swagger that wraps around her words and reveals the emotions in all

our lives. From the beginning, her songwriting was a way of discovering her voice and place in the world. 


She was raised around wildly creative songwriters, circus performers and music producers such as her

cousin, Cowboy Jack Clement. She was expected to dig deep and find what was truly inside herself as

a singer. In the spirit of Jolie Holland and Angel Olsen, Emily hones her craft while remaining true to her

own feel for music. Putting a label on Emily’s style would be impossible. From a beginning count off, you

know you are listening to an artist’s passion and not a passing trend. 


Her dream is to perform for audiences all around the world. Ideally to an intimate, dedicated crowd of

loyal listeners that follow and support her career. It is in these humble settings that Emily longs to live

and sing to her fans, without any pretension or delusions of grandeur.



PC: Penny Felts

PC: Penny Felts