Doak Snead "Come and Get Your Rock" 

Check out the newest video by Mastermind Recordings artist Doak Snead.  His video of "Come and Get Your Rock" was filmed in Texas this past fall.  Be sure to download the full album "A Welcome Affair" at your favorite music outlet.  (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Napster)


"A Welcome Affair" 

Doak Snead's newest record "A Welcome Affair" is now out on all your favorite music platforms!   Be sure to take a listen.  You don't want to miss out on this amazing record.


It Is All "Wonderful" a new project from Emily Clement 

Emily Clement was with her band at The Cowboy Arms Hotel and Recording Spa working on a new project.  We love all the art that's coming out of our new studio.  Keep a lookout for some really cool new material from Emily.  Be sure to listen to a sample of the new project right here on the Mastermind Recordings website at the bottom of the screen.  The track is called "Wonderful".

"The Mastermind Minute" vol 3 

It has been a while since our last update, but that is only because we have been so busy here at Mastermind Recordings.  Here are the new things happening with Mastermind Recordings.


We have a lot of exciting news about our newest addition to the Mastermind Recordings line up with Doak Snead!  Doak is a native Texas songwriter who came to Nashville in 1990.  He is a wonderfully creative lyricist who has been working with us since 2017 on a 7 song EP called "A Welcome Affair".  The record is back from manufacturing and will be available soon,  Check out Doak's artist page for a full bio and more information about the record.












The Cowboy Arms Hotel and Recording Spa

We are also excited to announce that we have moved our label and recording studio to the famous Cowboy Arms hotel and Recording Spa in Nashville, Tennessee.  The house used to belong to legendary songwriter and producer "Cowboy" Jack Clement.  This is a huge upgrade for Mastermind Recordings' production and engineering team.  The new "to us" space also means plenty of upgraded gear to keep our productions sounding great.  Also coming soon will be a beautiful vintage Trident 80B recording console.  Tridents were very popular in Nashville in the 70s and 80s, and we are excited to bring back some history to this legendary studio.


As always, keep checking back with us to get the latest news and updates.


"The Mastermind Minute" vol 2 

Since the release of both Emily Clement's "Dying To Know" and Ian Cory Craft's self titled 7', we have been very busy at Mastermind Recordings.  Both records have had a physical and digital release and are available for purchase and streaming.  If you haven't checked both records out yet, please do so, you do not want to miss this music! 

Let's Talk Radio

Mike Mouret with Studio Gold Nashville has been doing a great job in the opening weeks of our radio promotion.  Both Emily and Ian have reported spins on terrestrial radio.  Emily's single "Dying To Know" was even reported playing on RadioActive FM 88.6 in Wellington, New Zealand, and both artists have reported spins in California.  Thanks to Mike and his staff at Studio Gold Nashville for their continued work.

Friend and Well Renown Texas Songwriter Doak Snead

Doak Snead has joined the Mastermind Recordings roster and is currently recording an EP at Cousin Bob's Studio.  This will be a 12" record that will be released at the same time his album from the 1970's is rereleased by the Delmore Recording Society.  Two albums at the same time just 40 years apart.  These two records (one by Mastermind Recordings and one by the Delmore Recording Society) will be released just in time for Record Store Day, 2018.

Record Stores 

Emily and Ian's records are now in 16 record stores spanning 5 states.  These include: Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Kentucky.  Nothing like the good ol' fashion way, Bob and Cameron took matters into their own hands and drove to each record store to personally see the stores, meet the staff, and deliver the records and promotional items. 



Download and Stream Mastermind Recordings!! 

Emily Clement's "Dying to Know" and Ian Cory Craft's self titled 45 are both live on all your favorite digital music platforms! Go find them and listen now! Physical copies of the vinyl can be purchased HERE!  Also, check your local record store! If you can't find it there, ask them to get it in!  

(as always, please listen to an entire track when listening digitally. It really hurts an artist if you stop half way or click around.)


Bob Clement just got back from delivering our new records to some amazing record stores around the area.  Be sure to check for Emily Clement and Ian Cory Craft if you're in Memphis, Mississippi, or Alabama!


Emily Clement Radio Show WXNA 

This past Saturday, December 2nd, Mastermind Recordings artist Emily Clement had an interview with 101.5 WXNA Nashville.  She talked about her new EP being released on Friday December 8th at Grimey's in Nashville and played a few songs live with Josh Halper on guitar and Dave Roe on the upright bass.  Listen to the interview with Emily here! 



Record Release Show! 

We are counting down the days at Mastermind Recordings until the big record release show at Grimey's record shop here in Nashville, Tennessee!  It's sure to be a great night music from Mastermind Recordings artists Emily Clement and Ian Cory Craft!  Both artists will have the first copies of their vinyl for sale!  Hope to see you Friday, December 8th, at 6pm.